Well, that was stupid (Training Week 12)

This week was a whirlwind… running in sunny, humid 75-degree New Orleans on Monday, getting a half day off work for a Winter Storm Wednesday, and my body remembering the difference between yoga class and yoga DVDs after returning from a week off on Sunday (hint: OUCH).  Here’s what Coach Jenny wanted me to do in Week 12 of the Beginning Run Marathon plan:


Here is what I actually did:

Monday: Easy 3-mile run along the Mississippi River.  This was beautiful, although it was more of a “jog while taking photos” than a tough workout.  But it was vacation, basically.

nola tree

Post-Mardi Gras New Orleans

Tuesday: We arrived home from New Orleans to strange (and fleeting) spring-like temperatures in Cleveland, so I took a nice 45-minute run around my neighborhood.  My airplane muscles were sore, but it was a nice reminder of how much faster my “easy” pace can be when it isn’t 15 degrees and I’m not wearing the equivalent of two outfits.  After: Rodney Yee’s PM Yoga DVD.

Wednesday: Strength/Cross-Training with Jillian Michaels Extreme Shed and Shred; followed by Yoga: Relief from Neck and Shoulder Pain.

Thursday: 30 minutes of hills in the treadmill (I was about to be late for an appointment so I did what I could!).  PM Yoga before bed.

Friday: Spring weather again!/Active Rest.  This was a nice evening walk around the neighborhood with Dan.  Then the Neck & Shoulder Yoga.

Saturday: Ha!  Here’s what the title of this post refers to.  I woke up Saturday morning looking forward to a “short” 8-mile run.  I went to one of my favorite parks, which was primarily ice-free and embarked on the hardest, most painful 8 miles of my life.  Seriously.  My legs were aching, and I could not figure out what was wrong.  I stopped several times in the first 3 miles to stretch my calves and quads.  Then I stopped to tighten my shoelaces, only to loosen them a few minutes later (at this time I paused and forgot to restart my Runkeeper app).  This was a weird, new, and uncomfortable sensation.  Finally around mile 6 I began to feel more “normal” and picked up the pace a little (plus, it was super downhill).   But once I finished (after 5-10 minutes of rather challenging stretching against a tree), I was desperate to get my shoes off.


So, I sat down in my car, took off my left shoe, and was surprised/relieved/concerned to see that the inside of it was blue (instead of the usual pink, which is the color of the shoe’s insole).

I had just accidentally run 8 miles in what I refer to as my “plantar fasciitis” insoles.  The ones I’d stuck in my shoes while walking around New Orleans on Monday.  I hadn’t worn the shoes for running since that morning, and had put them on Saturday without a thought and not noticing how different they felt… until my legs reminded me on that awful, awful run.  I’m guessing it was akin to running in new shoes, and my legs weren’t used to the feeling.  I’d bought these inserts over a year ago at the suggestion of a guy at the running store when I had some PF issues, and have since replaced them and stick them in my shoes or boots whenever I’m doing a lot of walking, since it seems to help me avoid PF/Achilles issues.  But I have never, ever run in them.  And I totally won’t do it again.  Yikes.

One thing that was amazing, and perhaps helped my feet, was Saturday evening I had an Accupressure/Reflexology treatment on them.  HEAVEN.

Sunday: 75 minute yoga class.  My body was very, very aware that it didn’t do this class last week.  One mini-accomplishment is that I managed a pretty close approximation of fish pose at the end of the class, which tells me all the shoulder stretching has helped because this is typically almost impossible for me to do:


This image comes from Huffington Post – click for link to a great article “12 Yoga Poses to Undo the Damage of Your Desk Job”

So, I came up a little short on my weekday mileage, which I need to work on this upcoming week (and hopefully the lack of snow in the forecast will allow me to do that outdoors…).  My yoga DVD Odyssey will continue.  And I’ll keep inching closer to that 20 miles, which is somehow only 4 WEEKS AWAY.  Holy crap.

My new goal is just to finish alive.

4 thoughts on “Well, that was stupid (Training Week 12)

  1. Great wrap-up! I love how much yoga you’ve incorporated into your training. I’ve learned the hard way how stretching or lack thereof can really mess with you. You are so close! Sending good thoughts and happy feet your way.


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