The best homemade veggie burgers!

veggie burger

Sure, my lunch legitimately looks like dog food accessorized with provolone and ketchup.  But do not let its humble appearance fool you – this is in fact the tastiest, most burger-iest homemade veggie burger I have ever had the pleasure to make.

Recipe was courtesy of Scott Jurek’s book Eat and Run, and can be found online here.

The burger itself is vegan, so I realize the cheese is a bit scandalous (but I am not vegan and it is also delicious, so…).   When I followed the recipe, I ended up with 10 burgers total, and the approximate nutrition (for a naked burger) clocked in as follows:


These are seriously delicious!  The hardest thing about making a homemade veggie burger is getting it to hold its shape… but this recipe actually works.  These burgers are also filled with powerhouse ingredients like ground flax seed, nutritional yeast, walnuts, and spinach that aren’t totally reflected in the simplified nutrition data above.  Scott Jurek, who just set the world speed record for thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail, says he takes these for fuel on longer runs.  I don’t anticipate needing to do that anytime soon, but for lunch they are awesome! (and, sans ketchup, right in that 30-ish carb sweet spot!)

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Further Adventures in Beginning Bicycling

I wrote a few weeks ago about how I am essentially learning how to ride a bike.  Not in the mechanical, put your foot on the pedal and the wheels move!-type of way, but in regards to things like the laws of riding on the road, using the gears, making sure my hands don’t fall asleep, etc.  I am a total novice.  And now that I am many weeks into this new endeavor, I’ve got a few additions to my list of “things I’ve learned.”

1. The gears are there for a reason.  I recently came home from a rather uphill ride (see item 3, below; this is literally the only kind of ride I take) on a hot day and was talking to my husband about how hard it was.  And in this conversation, I revealed that I actually never move the shifter on my left handlebar.  Ever. It’s always on “2.” I thought I was doing fine in the range from 2-1 and 2-7, but when he suggested (strongly) that I consider moving it to “1” on hills, I’m pretty sure my life changed.

2.  Paved bike paths in a park are the loveliest thing ever.  I am riding my bike right now not to train for some type of race, but to get my body moving again and to slowly regain fitness after a long period of forced rest due to a back/foot/leg injury.  I am actually not seeking out challenging bike routes at all – just trying to get 30-60 minutes of aerobic activity gradually back into my life.  Which is why the day I rode to the park and experienced a few miles of flat bliss I realized THAT is what I and my atrophied leg and compressed nerve need.  I expect to also receive a thank-you note from my quad and glute muscles in the near future.  Because…

3. I APPARENTLY LIVE ON TOP OF A MOUNTAIN.  My neighborhood is a constant flow of long, gradual inclines.  I’ve certainly noticed this when walking or running, but on a bike it is incredibly more evident.  I have now headed out of my driveway in every direction possible, and while I can eventually get to more level ground, the road home is always, always uphill.  I suspected this, but I now have a poorly-composed collage of Runkeeper screenshots to prove it:

bike rides_elevation

I feel like my life should have been somehow more glamorous, living all this time in a mountain estate.

4. I should not bolus any insulin before a bike ride.

Your results may vary, but I am learning (the hard way, occasionally) that there is no need whatsoever to correct for a higher-than-desired blood sugar prior to riding my bike.  Not even partway, not even if I wake up at 200.  Not even if I eat a graham cracker.  Whether this is just my body acclimating to a new(er) form of exercise, or if it turns out I can ride a bike instead of take insulin remains to be seen.  But I made this resolution to myself when I took a quick jaunt before meeting a friend for breakfast the other day:


Couldn’t even text properly!

Are there other tips that I should know?

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Virtual Calm

Today I reached a fun milestone… more than 15 total hours spent meditating since I began the new practice in April.  Clocking in at only 10-15 minutes per day, it’s a pretty small investment with a very significant payoff!

I recently had the opportunity to share this experience and review the meditation app I’ve been using for the website Healthy Beeps (it’s free… try it!).  You can check out my article here, or browse Healthy Beeps’ extensive collection of digital health product reviews here.   It’s a really innovative site that I am happy to be part of!


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