Under 30: Fall

I posted this last week as part of the fabulous Diabetes Blog Week, which I unfortunately did not see through to Sunday since I was out of town…  This food collage is from October, when I was documenting all the 30-ish carb meals I had.  A few people asked for more detailed info on its contents… some of these foods are seasonal depending on where you live and shop, but still give a good general idea.  For foods I make myself, I enter ingredients into MyFitnessPal to calculate nutrition info… and again, all of these were approximately 30 grams of carbohydrate for the portion you see in the photo! (see the notes on some that were a little over…)

30carbs collageRow 1, L to R:

  1. spinach salad with black beans, avocado, queso fresco, salsa, onions
  2. homemade “raincoast crisps” with mascarpone cheese (I decreased the amount of sugar in the recipe and cut mine into smaller pieces than the recipe indicates; that serving is around 28g)
  3. egg mini-muffins (these were… stupid.  I recommend regular muffin size!), apple, Greek yogurt with 1 T peanut butter mixed in
  4. chicken-mushroom-brown rice casserole (there’s only about 1/3 cup rice there), broccoli
  5. veggie soup (homemade; there’s a little barley in there, but still worked out to about 15 g carb per serving), the beer is about 15g (I know there is some debate about how to calculate carbs for alcohol, but when I am drinking just one beer with a meal like this, I bolus for the carbs outright).  Nutrition info is rarely listed on alcohol, but usually available online.

Row 2, L to R:

  1. Multi-grain English Muffin with peanut butter; coffee with a little steamed milk
  2. Greek yogurt + peanut butter, small apple; hummus, carrots (looking at this, I can now recognize this as definitely above 30g!  Oh well)
  3. A personal favorite: banana “pancakes” – mash a ripe banana and scramble with 2 eggs, cook like pancakes.  YUM.
  4. salad and turkey on one of those “sandwich thins” – a total one time purchase, as the “thins” taste like cardboard.  Some foods just taste better with carbs!
  5. Butternut squash soup (homemade) with Gorgonzola cheese; side of broccoli

Row 3, L to R:

  1. Spinach salad with buffalo chicken breast, apple, yogurt + peanut butter
  2. Green bean and tofu curry over “cauliflower rice
  3. My favorite fall and winter breakfast!  Oatmeal (I decrease the serving size to 1/3 cup old fashioned oats – 18g carb), with peanut butter (2 Tablespoons = 6 g), plain Greek yogurt (1/4 cup = 3g) , and a teaspoon of brown sugar (4.5g).  I ate this probably 200 times over the past year, so I’m very, very confident when I tell you it is 36g of carbohydrate.
  4. Homemade vegetable wild rice soup
  5. Scrambled eggs and a serving of Cheerios with soy milk

I’ve spent May getting back on track with 30 carbs – I aim for 120 a day, give or take.  I make trade-offs throughout the day, having a salad for lunch if I want to have pasta with dinner, for instance. Planning is a rather important component of making this work!  (both planning meals and shopping carefully) I make a pretty comprehensive grocery list with meals in mind (and input from my husband) before I head to the store.

Also… I have to say, it is a weird thing to take pictures of my food (and hard to remember), but it has proven to be very helpful, especially when I feel like I am running out of ideas. I am currently collecting info for an updated collage and hope to post it soon!

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Diabetes Blog Week: Day 5

Today’s topic is Foods on Friday.  Taking a cue from Adam Brown’s recent post, write a post documenting what you eat in a day!  Feel free to add links to recommended recipes/shops/whatever.  Make it an ideal day or a come-as-you-are day – no judgments either way.  (Thank you, Katy of  Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes for this topic.)  Check out what others had to share here!

I am probably not going to have time to record what I eat today, but I thought instead I’d share a collage I made earlier this year when I challenged myself with keeping every meal under 30 grams of carbohydrate.  Keep in mind I’m not advocating this for everyone – I know there’s a lot of controversy surrounding The Carb Debate.  For me, though, watching my carbs does result in amazingly consistent blood sugars (but, as you can witness in Monday’s post, this is not something I practice every single day of my life), and, for me, 30-ish carbs per meal and/or snack (give or take… 120-ish grams total for the day) seems to be a healthy place.  I typically eat the same breakfast every day (for, like, months at a stretch… this was during the Oatmeal or English Muffin phase of Fall 2014; I’m now in more of an Eggs and One Toaster Waffle period), pack my lunch for work every day, and 9 days out of 10 eat dinner at home… so this involves a lot of planning and careful shopping!

30carbs collage

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Diabetes Blog Week Day 4: Changes

Today’s prompt: Let’s talk about changes, in one of two ways.  Either tell us what you’d most like to see change about diabetes, in any way.  This can be management tools, devices, medications, people’s perceptions, your own feelings – anything at all that you feel could use changing.  OR reflect back on some changes you or your loved one has seen or been through since being diagnosed with diabetes.  Were they expected or did they surprise you? (Click here for what others are writing: Changes – Thursday 5/14)

Dear Medical Universe,

My request is both super simple, and super-complicated.  What I’d like to see change is that pharmaceutical and health insurance and supply companies all learn to get along, and truly put patients first.  I’d like to be able to use the insulin pump I want, with the meter I like, with the option of a CGM that would communicate with it, and data that I could download to any computer or smart phone of my choosing.  And I’d like to be able to do this with whatever medical coverage I have.  I am willing to keep up my end of the bargain, by maintaining my employment and health coverage, contributing my share of the employee health plan I participate in, paying the applicable co-pays, participating in my health plan’s useless phone counseling program, monitoring my overall health and seeing my endocrinologist on a regular basis.  All of you companies will continue to make money (LOTS of it, I promise), I will continue to do everything I am currently doing, but my life might get just a tiny bit easier.


Thank you.

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